International Space Station Travel Bug Mission Update

bugsinspaaaaaaceI just got an update from about the Geocaching Travel Bug that hitched a ride with astronaut Rick Mastracchio to the International Space Station. This is a great way to interest students (and us older folk who geocache about geography and science.

From the email:

Nearly 100 days have ticked by since geocachers cheered as a Travel Bug® rocketed toward the International Space Station. It’s in the capable hands of astronaut Rick Mastracchio. Like everything else on the space station, the Travel Bug has a mission. Mastracchio is using the Travel Bug to teach students back on Earth about geography and science. The Travel Bug’s page is the chatroom of a teacher’s or parent’s dreams. More than 1,200 posts have been logged so far, as classrooms (and even Geocaching HQ!) asked questions and Mastracchhio answered them from the weightlessness of low Earth orbit.

Find out what lessons Mastracchio has learned from this Travel Bug, how students can still learn important science and geography lessons, and how schools might still be able to get involved before Mastracchio and the Travel Bug return to Earth in May.

Oh…Can you guess how many miles the Travel Bug has traveled zipping through space for 100 days? Make your guess and then click here for the answer.