Self-Publishing and The Power of Creative Intention

logo-alliOrna Ross recently posted a wonderful blog entry about creative intention over at the ALLi Self Publishing Advice website.  From the article:

Planning to write 1000 words a day through 2014? Resolving to definitely get that title that’s been hanging around forever up and out there?

Oh yes, it’s that time of year when indie authors make our resolutions about the books we are going to write (and sell and publish) over the coming months.

One wide ranging study found that almost 90% of people break New Year’s resolutions. What’s more significant is that research consistently shows that those who do make resolutions are more successful in creating what they want than those who don’t.

Taken together, these statistics add up to a picture of poor creative skills, with the vast majority of people failing to create what they want through resolution.

If you’re looking for a better way, you’ll find it in creative intention.

So what’s the difference?

You can read more over at the website HERE.

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