Will Offer Expedited Book Reviews Starting on January 1st 2014 will start offering expedited reviews to better serve the literary community. This year, small press and self-publishing has blossomed as never before, with self-publishing now very much a legitimate publishing option for authors. Today much of the literary community has shed its bias against those who have chosen to self-publish. Authors Reading welcomes this change and hopes it can be instrumental in helping those Indie authors in their uphill battle to promote and sell their books. As authors quickly learn, once a book is finished, tapping into a receptive audience is a formidable task. In the book publishing world, that is known as “discoverability.”

Discoverability is where believes it can help the serious authors who want their book read by the public. As a leading online book review site for the book publishing and bookselling industry, felt obligated to offer more resources to this ever growing market. In the future, they will be focusing more on books from the small press and self-published authors than on those from traditional publishers.

Pam Truax, Authors Reading reviews editor says, “As the interest in nontraditional published books increases, we plan to be in the forefront of helping the reading public discover the great authors and books that so often go undiscovered. Small press and self-published authors are looking to promote and sell their books, and with AuthorsReading’s expansion, Indie published authors will have more options to get noticed.”

Authors Reading understands full well the power of book reviews in the market. Its book reviews serve a community of readers, librarians, booksellers and others who rely on reviews in order to discover and evaluate new books before they make a purchase.

On the business side of discoverability, Indie authors may participate in Authors Reading’s Expedited Review programs that assure a book is read and reviewed in a timely manner. The author or publicist will have various options to select from in ordering an Expedited Review. The expediency schedule will allow a review to be posted in a timely economical manner. Free reviews will still be available, but with about 300,000 new books coming out yearly, free reviews will be done only after the promised expedited reviews are completed. The Expedited Review program guarantees the book is read and reviewed within the selected timeframe or your money is refunded.

“Authors Reading has embraced the Indie publishing phenomenon,” says Pam Truax. “As Indie authors and publishers become more sophisticated in navigating the terrain, they will need even more advice, information and services in order to continue writing, publishing and selling their books. We hope we can continue to assist them in their needs.”

You can read more at AuthorsReading HERE.

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