2 men plead guilty to cultivating pot in Sequoia forest

cannabisintheforestI firmly believe that cannabis has been unfairly demonized by those who seek to control it.  I also believe that the plant should be legalized and regulated, and that this is just an other example of what happens when criminals – rather than farmers – grow this crop.  our national forests get destroyed.

Cannabis is legal in California.  It should be grown legally.  One of the shining examples of how to grow and regulate the crop was Mendocino County’s zip-tie program.  No forest lands were destroyed or poisoned when that plan was implemented.

The Fresno Bee is reporting:

Two men pleaded guilty Monday to separate cases of cultivating marijuana on public land, U.S. Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner said.

In the first case, Julio Villanueva, 33, of Michoacán, Mexico, pleaded guilty to possessing a firearm to further drug trafficking, possessing illegal rat poison and possessing illegal insecticide.

Villanueva made deliveries to a marijuana cultivation site near Lilly Canyon in the Sequoia National Forest that killed native oak trees, which were replaced by 9,746 marijuana plants. The site was tilled and covered in fertilizers, pesticides and rat poison. Cans of rat poison were also found at Villanueva’s home in Bakersfield, along with two firearms, marijuana seeds and other illegal pesticides.

Villanueva agreed to reimburse the U.S. Forest Service for the cost to clean up the grow site.

Another man, Juan Carlos Perez, 44, also of Michoacán, Mexico, pleaded guilty in a separate case to manufacturing and aiding the manufacture of 1,313 marijuana plants in Terra Bella.

The plants, ranging from six to 14 feet tall, covered 39.6 acres of farm land.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

Native oak trees were killed, almost 40 acres of land were tilled, poisoned with fertilizer, pesticides, and rat poison.  All of this could have been avoided if the state of California would seek to REGULATE rather than CONTROL cannabis growers.

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