Amazon reports self-publishing accounts for 25% of top 100 ebook sales in U.S.

AmazonYep.  Since 2007, the self-publishing part of the ebook pie has been sizable.  In just a few years, the self-published author has gone from zero to hero, owning 25% of the top 100 ebook market, as reported by Amazon.  No matter how many reports  traditional publishers put out – saying people are eschewing ebooks, that kids don’t like ebooks, and that ebooks are the bane and scourge of the publishing world – it appears that those bought-and-paid-for ‘statistics’ aren’t based on the cold hard numbers generated by their greatest imagined enemy: Amazon.

From the Guardian:

As many as a quarter of the top 100 Kindle books on are from indie publishers, according to data revealed at a trade presentation by the retailer.

A chart detailing the 25 top-selling indie titles in 2012 was passed on by an audience member via Twitter. Though the term indie is broad, covering everything from self-published authors to publishing houses that fall outside the big six, the news has been interpreted as a victory for the go-it-alone author. However in the US the term has come to mean self-published. A spokeswoman for said: “This figure is referring to Kindle books on in 2012, with ‘indie’ meaning books self-published via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). So a quarter of the top 100 bestselling Kindle books on in 2012 were self-published via KDP.” , an online marketplace that connects authors with freelance editors, book designers and marketeers, tweeted a picture of the chart on Wednesday. It displayed the top 100 books, with about a quarter of the covers highlighted, under the title “A Quarter of top 100 on Indie-Published”.

Even Orna Ross of the UK Alliance of Independent Authors states “I wouldn’t be surprised if we reached a situation where the majority of the top books are author-published.”

I wouldn’t either.

You can read the whole article HERE.

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