Helicon Books eBook Quality Assurance Service Offers Writers EPUB Review and Report Ahead of Publishing

epublogoA free tool from Helicon Books, the online EPUB validation, aims to save writers time and money when publishing eBooks by offering them a full review and report of critical errors in their document ensuring a smoother process to market, including quality assurance against iBooks and Kobo specific guidelines.

Helicon Books’ EPUB Quality Assurance (QA) service for eBooks offers writers and publishers a new validation service to ensure that all books are error free ahead of publishing, thus saving any potential costs and complaints from readers.

As members of the IDPF, Helicon use their standard validation algorithm plus checks against iBooks and Kobo guidelines ensuring writers and publishers avoid and problems, save time and money when taking their eBooks to market.

Following a series of webinars, hosted by Digital Book World (DBW) teaching eBook Quality Assurance, Helicon realized that there was a need for writers to get a service they could rely on to ensure publishing their eBooks would be as smooth as possible.

Ori Idan, Helicon Books CEO says: “Our team understand the need for publishers to learn more about how to find and fix problems with their EPUB files, but our service takes these lessons and applies them to the service, meaning writers can publish eBooks sooner than it would take to review the books manually.”

Helicon Books ‘EPUB QA’ service is split into two parts – the online service, and a paid for report. The online service is Helicon Books validator which allows anyone with an EPUB file (version 2 or 3) to review and validate the content within it.

Ori explains how the validator works: “Once uploaded our tool checks for an extensive range of issues, including; missing files, errors on contents, invalid links, coding problems, missing data, image quality, it also sense checks against iBooks and Kobo guidelines. Publishers are then provided with a quick-view of the results, highlighting the number of errors we advise are fixed.”

The Helicon Books validator service will always use the latest version of the IDPF validator therefore ensuring up to date validation per the latest version of the standard.

Most publishers are charged to upload files to online book stores (such as iBooks) therefore a review and report which includes these guidelines could potentially save repeated payments until the book is accepted.

The paid-for element of Helicon’s EPUB QA service goes beyond the free service by offering a detailed report explaining the source of each error message output by the free service, in an easy to read and understand document. At this stage, publishers are also offered fixes to the errors found, part of the Helicon Books consultancy service.”

Ori concludes: “Our customers already using this service have started to learn more about EPUB and get their eBooks to market via our quick and smooth process.”

About Helicon Books
Helicon Books is a technology and services company assisting publishers with introducing and adopting advanced technologies for digital Books. Helicon Books provide conversion services as well as tailor-made software for publishers, online readers and reading applications for Android. Ori Idan is the founder and CEO and writes regular industry focused articles on his company blog. For more technical detail please visit Helicon Books website:http://www.heliconbooks.com/.

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