Writing: Should The Self-published Author Use A Pen-Name (Pseudonym)?

logo-alliAlli the Self-Publishing Advice Blog has posted an editorial on their site:

Trade publishers are notoriously wary of using the same author name across different genres, or of using a name that they feel is inappropriate for a particular book  – hence the morphing of Joanne Rowling into the more masculine J K Rowling, even though she doesn’t have a middle name. While self-published writers have the freedom to choose their own pen-name, the decision isn’t always easy or obvious. A group of self-published authors discussed the options on ALLi’s lively private Facebook forum earlier this week. Here are some of their conclusions:

E J Lamprey: “I have always used E J Lamprey as my pen name, so when I turned indie it was the automatic choice. It was familiar, and it kept my work and private lives completely separate. The name I use is part of my full name so there hasn’t been a problem with creating a legal entity – just the odd sensation as the Lamprey name slowly gains ground that I am developing a split personality!”

Michael La Ronn: “I write as Michael La Ronn because La Ronn is my middle name and I have a fairly common last name. I, too have a profession and don’t want to mix my work and writing life. It’s much easier this way.”

Isabel Burt: “I chose to use my middle name as my pen name, as my first name is too tricky. But then, with social media, I realised I had to decide how to present myself online. I decided it was simpler to keep all things author under the one name: Isabel Burt. It was weird to be addressed by my middle name, but I think it was the simplest decision, and I am used to it now. I will let you know a couple of novels, and another year of social media, if I still think that!”

You can read the whole article HERE, said Shawn E. Bell…