Manifrotto recommends a great book for landscape photographers

visualflowJose Antunes has posted reviews of a number of great photography books, including one of the great ones about landscape photography.  From the post:

There are tens of eBooks about landscape photography, making it hard to choose one. Still, if I could only buy one, this would be it: “Visual Flow – Mastering the Art of Composition”, by Ian Plant, with photographs by this author and George Stocking. If there’s one easy way to enter 2014  widening your horizons in terms of Photography, it surely is through the reading of Visual Flow – Mastering the Art of Composition.

This is a hefty 287 eBook that will give you a new set of keys to redefine your photography. A BIG Book by all means, in terms of the number of pages, this digital format piece of information will change your photography for the better. And it’s not one eBook to read and put aside, it’s the kind of guide that you’ll pick up now and then, for the sheer pleasure of looking at the photographs, while reading the sound advice.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

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