How to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

christmastreeforestAt last count, there were eight states that participate in the National Christmas Tree Program and sell permits that allow residents to cut their own tree.  In California, specifically, there are several national forests that issue Christmas Tree permits.

From the Men’s Journal:

Retailers will tell you that the holiday season begins on Thanksgiving, but for many Americans it begins on the day they get their Christmas tree. The tree is a houseguest destined to stay through December (and a bit of January if folks are feeling lazy) and be introduced to family and friends. As such, it’s best if you know where your tree comes from and feel comfortable talking about how you met. The best place to find a tree with a bit of personality? One of the country’s many National Forests, which open to tree-seekers every December. According to Jane Leche, Colorado’s Front Range Christmas Program Coordinator, the best part of finding your coniferous Christmas buddy on public land is that you’ll actually be doing a public service. Still, the process can be a bit complicated.

“People have been cutting down trees on public land since day one, but you can’t just wander out there and start cutting anymore,” says Leche, who estimates that 30,000 people participate in the program. “You have to have a permit and know the cutting area – get all the information – and be familiar with the process.”

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