NaNoWriMo 2013: And now for something completely different.

nanowimoFor NaNoWriMo this year, I tried an experiment. Normally I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking coupled with Scrivener and LibreOffice.

This year, I used Notes, Scrivener, Dragon, and Siri on my iPad and iPhone. I dictated virtually the entire work, sometimes when I was sitting in traffic, or out hiking, sometimes at home, or just wherever (“wherever” includes waiting on annoyingly late dates to show up. I’ve decided that waiting for someone who doesn’t have the respect to show up within 15 minutes of the date isn’t worth waiting for.  No matter how big her boobies are).

My work schedule has been: get up early, dictate while I hike (watching out for coyotes – they’re out in force). Get back home, pick up my computer, head over to get coffee, and spend the hour there organizing everything I’d saved in Notes into Scrivener. Then organizing the Scrivener bits into something reasonably coherent.

I’ve been working roughly 4 hours a day on this project just to see if I’m more productive by using ‘gap time’ (the time between locations, assignments, waiting for the microwave to ding, drive-time, waiting for clients or dates, and down time throughout the rest of the workday).  It isn’t dedication, it’s a science experiment.

At the end of the day, I go over everything, just to make sure I’ve included everything and make any modifications.

Rinse and repeat daily.

I didn’t get started until the 5th this year, and I took two days off from everything (including technology!).

As it turns out – for me, anyway – utilizing gap time is a Godsend! As of today I’m at 92,519 words for NaNo. That beats last year’s book by 38K words, which I finished on the 25th. I’m still not finished with this year’s book, yet…

Conclusions – so far – include that I’m way more productive through the course of my 18 hour day, and I’ve got way more free time than I thought I did!  Whether this means I’ve got less editing to do or not … well, that’s a job for December.

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