Stephen Curry – Kindle surprise and disappointment

Biologist Stephen CurryIn Occam’s Corner, hosted by The Guardian, Stephen Curry discovers that he really likes the Kindle.  From the article:

I thought I loved the physical feel of books too much to become enamoured of ebooks. I loved the heft, the smell, the touch of the paper, the firm but yielding resistance of the spine of a new paperback, the perfect cut of the pages that transforms a gathering of sheets — leaves that flutter easily between the fingers — into a near solid block. Comparisons are hard to find because there is nothing quite like a book. The intimacy of the tactile sensations, along with the joy of ideas and entertainment that are to be found between the covers of those that are well written, have combined to make the book an object not just of veneration — how many are scandalised to find second hand tomes annotated with a reader’s scratchings? — but of love.

I thought my love of books was too strong but I was mistaken. The conversion to digital formats was as easy as flicking a switch. The changeover hasn’t by any means been wholesale; I still buy and read the printed form but the steady rise of electronic titles in my Kindle library over the past couple of years indicates clearly the direction of travel.

Ebooks are just so damn convenient. Purchased online in a minute, you can be reading before the minute is up — impulse buyers, beware. And because there are copies on my laptop, tablet and smartphone, I always have these books with me without having to think about it or to lug any additional weight on my travels or commute. (I’ve not yet splashed out on a Kindle reader, though after struggling in this summer’s belated sunshine I am warming to the idea.) As someone who reads a lot of non-fiction and likes to make notes as I go, I appreciate the ease with which I can highlight and annotate particular passages; if I choose, I can even see the highlights made by other readers who are willing to share.

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