ALLi Success Stories: Liliana Hart

logo-alliALLi is the Alliance of Independent Authors, the professional association for self-publishing writers.  They host an EXCELLENT self-publishing advice blog HERE.

Liliana Hart offers shares her success secrets this week in the on-going “How I Do It: Super Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets” series.

From the article:

“I’d definitely recommend writing a series to hook readers.” Liliana Hart talks about the writing and publishing strategies that have seen her sell more than a million books since she started self-publishing in June of 2011.

What’s the secret of your success?

Hard work and having new books out on a consistent basis. I write all the time. Once you start self-publishing you have to constantly “feed the beast”.

What was the single best thing you ever did?

Besides self-publish in general? Because that has worked out pretty well, I’d say! The best thing I did was write the MacKenzie series. Those books are 70% of my monthly income, and readers get more and more attached with every book.

I’d definitely recommend writing a series to hook readers.

Did you get lucky? What happened?

I might get lucky on occasion whenever my books are picked up on different sites or featured somewhere, but I honestly think if you keep putting out quality content with a professional package that you’re going to find success. Hard work pays off, and self-publishing is a lot of hard-work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being in control of my career and being able to make changes if I need to.

You can read the whole article HERE.