From ALLi: Better Your Books with Beta Readers

logo-alliALLi is the Alliance of Independent Authors, the professional association for self-publishing writers.  They host an EXCELLENT self-publishing advice blog HERE.

Joanne Phillips has posted an article about bettering your books with beta readers.  From the article:

Joanne Phillips, author of two novels and nearing the completion of her third, explains how to recruit and use beta readers to fine-tune your work before it’s published – an invaluable service that won’t cost you a penny.

Put simply, beta readers are people who volunteer to read your work prior to publication and give feedback. They are not editors or proofreaders, and shouldn’t be used to replace a professional edit or proofread, although they often pick up mistakes and inconsistencies in your work. Instead they should be considered part of the creative or structural editing process.

How Do You Find Them?

I find mine by asking on my blog, on Facebook, or by email if someone has read for me before. For my third book (my first cosy mystery), I have seven lovely readers lined up: a couple of writers, some genre enthusiasts, and one who doesn’t usually read mysteries but likes my other books.

How Does the Process Work?

Provide each beta reader with a copy of your manuscript in their preferred format, e.g. mobi (Kindle), epub or pdf. If there’s something particular you’d like a reader to comment on, be sure to ask, but this isn’t essential. Sometimes it’s nice to see what different readers pick up on, instead of guiding them to look out for the same things.

You can read more HERE.

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