Createspace’s Secret Hardover Option

hardcoverMuch like the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger (an INCREDIBLE California fast food burger chain), Createspace also has a secret menu. One of the more awesome items is the hardcover book option.

As of the date of this post, the current pricing is:

$99.00 – One-Time Setup Fee
$6.50 – Cost per book
$0.015 – B&W per page cost
$0.15 – Color per page cost
$2.00 – Dust Jacket (optional)

Now, there are some caveats to the Createspace book:

  • The hardcover is set up as a separate title in the author’s account, and gets a separate ISBN number.
  • The conversion takes a ridiculously long time to get done (about 10 days).
  • If there are ANY color images (or text) the ENTIRE book is subject to the color cost per page charge.
  • The book isn’t eligible for any of Createspace’s distribution channels. Really. Only the author can order the book to sell or distribute.

If you calculate out the costs, the book ends up being about the same per copy as any of the competing POD options. But the kicker is that YOU – the author – are responsible for selling the book outside the distribution channels you’re using for your softcover or ebook.

I like the idea of having a hardcover (for y’know, ego-stroking purposes) but I’m not sure I’d ever end up selling any; I’d probably just give ’em away to friends.

If you are interested in finding out more about the hardcover, you have to contact Createspace directly and talk to one of their publishing associates (you’ll have to have a createspace account).