Explore Yosemite National Park With Outdoor Adventures Hosted By The Yosemite Conservancy

yosemiteconservancyThe Yosemite Conservancy has announced their line-up of Outdoor Adventures for 2013! There are more dates for popular programs, including backpacking trips to Lyell Glacier, Half Dome, and Clouds Rest. Family Camping Jamborees and Moonbow Photography continue to be popular programs!

From the press release:

“Professional photographers, artists, naturalists and historians lead our Outdoor Adventures to provide visitors of all ages and wilderness experience levels with an unforgettable experience in Yosemite National Park,” said Mike Tollefson, president of Yosemite Conservancy. More than 45 Outdoor Adventures are being offered in 2013 spanning the entire park geography. Each adventure is limited to 15 participants. Proceeds from Outdoor Adventures are poured into important restoration and protection work that Yosemite Conservancy supports in the park.

This year, the Conservancy added more dates for popular programs that usually sell out such as backpacking trips to Half Dome and Clouds Rest, which Tollefson said are “perfect for first time backpackers in good shape.” For less traveled routes, there is a backpacking excursion to Lyell Glacier, an exhilarating opportunity to experience a glacier in Yosemite National Park. Another hike involves viewing and learning about the park’s incredible wildflowers. Photography programs with noted experts like Keith Walklet, John Senser and Dave Wyman focus on capturing Yosemite’s changing seasonal splendor, rainbows captured at night known as moonbows, high country waterfalls and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias.

“Yosemite Conservancy’s Outdoor Adventures create a deeper connection between visitors and the park, which encourages stewardship of this one-of-kind natural treasure,” said Don Neubacher, Superintendent of Yosemite National Park.

You can register for any of the Outdoor Adventures – or even inquire about a customized experience – at:

www.YosemiteConservancy.org/Adventures or 209-379-2646 ext. 10.

You can read the entire press release HERE.

Learn more about the Yosemite Conservancy HERE, or call 1-800-469-7275