Tioga Road In Yosemite National Park To Be Rehabilitated

TiogaPassEntranceYosemite National Park has signed off on the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Tioga Road.

The National Park Service had posted a public scoping for the Tioga Road Rehabilitation Plan in 2010. The Environmental Assessment was released for public view in August 2011, with comments accepted through September of 2011. The park received 12 public comment letters during that period.

The scope of the project was to rehabilitate, restore and resurface approximately 41 miles of Tioga Road. From the press release:

“…The Selected Action focuses on improving the safety of visitors andemployees traveling on Tioga Road, maintaining the character of the road corridor, and restoring drainage features to control erosion.

Additionally, roadside turnouts will be redesigned which will help manage roadside parking and traffic flow. The rehabilitation will also help reduce rockfall potential along the Tioga Road by scaling rock at select locations. The Selected Action also calls for improvements at the parking area of the Tuolumne Grove…”

You can read the full press release HERE.

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