Partial Closure of Falls Day Use Area

The Falls Day Use Area in Forest Falls will be partially closed for approximately two months starting September 4, 2012 according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The lower parking lot will be closed during the reconstruction, while the picnic loop will only be open weekends from Friday through Sunday. The upper parking lot will remain open during reconstruction.

The upper parking lot is the trailhead for the Vivian Creek Trail. As a hiker, I’d recommend getting to the trailhead early on weekends; with far less parking, the lot will fill up fast.

Although not mentioned, Big Falls Trail is also open.  The trailhead is off the lower parking lot, which means hikers are going to get a bit of a warm-up walking from the upper parking lot.

From the USDA website:

“…The Falls Day Use Area reconstruction project began last fall as part of a Forest Service National Infrastructure Improvement (CMII) program. The contract included improvements to access roads, parking areas, water systems, and accessibility. A new entry station and picnic area host camp-site were also constructed. The final items to be completed are construction of a new restroom at the lower end of the site, finishing work at the restroom at the upper end, installation of picnic tables and pedestal BBQ grills in the picnic loop, and installation of a gate at the entrance.

The Falls Day Use Area Reconstruction Project was selected as a national priority project, which is intended to address the Forest Service’s most critical health and safety infrastructure needs at areas heavily used by the public. The Falls Day Use Area was built in the 1930’s and parts of the site were upgraded in the early 1980’s…”

It’s always a good idea to call ahead to check on areas that are undergoing renovations to make sure the area is open. I know I don’t like crowds. Also, if you need any kind of Adventure, Interagency, Wilderness, or Forest Product Permits or Passes, you should also call ahead. You can get contact information from the website HERE.  You do need an Adventure Pass for the area.

To find out more about the Forest Falls, Falls Day Use, or Mt. San Gorgonio recreation areas, visitors are urged to contact the Mill Creek Work Station at (909) 382-2882.

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