Save The Hammers – Save Johnson Valley (VIDEO)

The California Off-Road Vehicle Association is calling for all off-roaders to mobilize and participate in targeted outreach during the week of August 6-15th. They are asking that we all call or fax our representatives and voice our opposition to the proposed expansion. Congress is on recess, so your representative should be in their District Offices.

A video expanding on the issue has been uploaded to YouTube, and I’m including it here:

To see the original “Save Johnson Valley From the U.S. Marines!” post, click HERE.

Additional information is available below:

To view the HVCC Military-Public Use Press Release click HERE.

For California Off-Road Vehicle Association Access Issues click HERE.

To see the USMC’s final EIS FAQs click HERE.

To visit the Save The Hammers website (somewhat outdated), click HERE.

To visit the Blue Ribbon Coalition website click HERE.

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