Inyo National Forest – Reds Meadow Road Reopens!

The US Forest Service, National Park Service, and several partners made remarkable progress in the cleanup and repair of facilities and infrastructure in the Reds Meadow Valley that were affected by an November 30, 2011 extreme wind storm.Now that major road repairs and tree removal have occurred, the temporary closure has been lifted, and the road is now open to motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles.  The public is now able to access most area trails and primary destinations in the Valley, including Devils Postpile National Monument and Rainbow Falls. The Forest Service and National Park Service will also have some campgrounds open providing approximately half of the normal camping capacity normally found in the Valley.

Remember, folks, that hazards are still present in the area, and that not all campground areas are fully open.  Use your head and remember that numerous and varied hazards exist in wilderness and other undeveloped forest areas. Visitors to these areas should understand the risks and know how to identify and avoid potential hazards.

To read more about Red Meadow Road reopening, go HERE.


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