Yosemite National Park closed to all visitors indefinitely

Earlier this week, Yosemite National Park closed all campgrounds and visitor centers. The park’s entrance and hiking trails remained open.

After the governor issued his ridiculous ‘shelter in place’ nonsense, however, Yosemite has now been shuttered to all visitors for an indefinite period of time due to the Chinese Coronavirus. No one is allowed into the park except for residents who live within the boundaries of the park or at Yosemite West who have to use NPS roads to get to their homes, and authorized National Park Service personnel.

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COVID-19 Causes Postponements on New Prescribed Fire Ignitions on National Forest Lands in California

The U.S. Forest Service has announced that they’re going to postpone all new prescribed burns until further notice due to the Coronavirus. The canceled fire ignitions in California include burns in Six Rivers and Mendocino National Forests.

The U.S. Forest Service works in coordination with local and state health organizations when planning and managing prescribed burns and wildfires, and potential smoke impacts on the public are first and foremost in the planning process.

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2020 Easter Jeep Safari CANCELLED

Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc., organizers for the Easter Jeep Safari, have officially cancelled the 2020 edition of the long-running event. I’m not particularly thrilled with this development, as I feel that it doesn’t show an ‘overabundance of caution’ so much as it shows an overabundance of ignorance. I don’t blame Red Rock, I blame Utah, and – in particular – the Grand County council and Moab City, who clearly don’t have a clue and haven’t been listening to information on the virus. Red Rock’s hands were tired. Here’s the notice posted on the Red Rock website:

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Masses Suspended throughout the Diocese Of Orange

Bishop Kevin Vann has announced that all masses – including daily and Sunday – will be temporarily suspended. All Catholics are “dispensed from the obligation of attending mass.” So us Catholic folks won’t be incurring sin for failure to attend. I’m pretty sure that all other forms of sin are still in full force and effect, and there’s no loophole available for sinners; you’ll still have to repent for your worldly transgression.

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Question: How would you suggest getting past the dreaded “we do not accept unsolicited material” notice?

It’s really simple: you send a query letter.

Companies DO NOT want to see your screenplay; that is the “unsolicited material” they don’t accept. They’ll accept query letters all day long.

Do your due diligence: find out who you contact, and send your query letter specifically to that person (or department). That’s the professional way to get your foot in the door and, ultimately, to get the company to ask to see your screenplay.